Brokenness Produces Break_Through

I know brokenness is something we all fear! Yet it's something that must happen in our lives for us to discover the greatness we have inside of us. God want's to show you what's inside of you and in order to do so, you must be broken.

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Letting Go of Your Past

Preying on the Promise

Taking God Out of The Box 

Taking God Out of The Box ll

Denying Your Gifts Out of Fear

Spiritually Over Weight

Apples & Marriage 

Bring out the Nehemiah In You

 ( Build Your Mindset)

The Battle is Not  Yours

Then Position Is

My Mission

My mission is to teach, and prepare, Christians how to live life fearlessly.  To embrace the gifts and Passions that God has placed inside of our hearts. To live out those passions and do the great work that we as God's people are called to do. God equips us to step outside our box, our comfort zones and live life leaning and relying on his purpose. My mission is to push you gently in that direction so that you to can start living out God's promises fearlessly.

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